Keith Leff

'Midwest’s Best'
Magical Entertainer & Speaker


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Keith Leff Stage Magic

Do you need to create a real buzz at your next event? Do you want people to keep talking about what an amazing time they had at your event for weeks, months and even years to come? When you book Keith for your event, you not only get THE premier magical entertainer, you receive a magical experience you will always remember!

Here is what a client has to say…

"Keith, we really appreciated your presentation at our annual conference, and the after-hours entertainment as well! We heard you are one of the best in the business, and now we know why! You certainly live up to your reputation as the 'Midwest’s best' magical entertainer! I also really appreciate the professional way you conduct business! That is rare in this day and age, and your personal touch is refreshing in today’s world! Great job on all accounts!"
   Andrea Brenton, Regional Vice President - Ford Motor Company

This consummate professional also excels at comedy as well, so you will hear plenty of laughs and see plenty of smiles as part of the overall magic experience. The magic happens at close range, often times in the audience member’s very own hands! This personal and highly interactive entertainment is ideal for individuals or small groups, whether seated or standing. When audiences watch Keith, they get the feeling that he's a great down to earth funny guy, who just happens to be able to alter space and time as we know it.

His repertoire earns him an impressive amount of repeat bookings from coast to coast. His benchmark credibility is unmatched, and his unparalleled style of sleight of hand has earned him the attention and respect of top magicians from around the world. Through his enthusiasm and passion for his craft, this talented and gifted individual has obtained a level few practitioners can match.

Keith’s strolling performances are perfect for any occasion, and adaptable to any and all venues.            

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