Keith Leff

'Midwest’s Best'
Magical Entertainer & Speaker


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Keith Leff Floating Sphere Levitation Keith's sense of giving back what magic has given him is evident in the various charities in which he is involved. He has been a regular weekly volunteer at Children's Mercy South Hospital, performing magic for children. Keith says there is no greater reward for him than taking an ill child's mind off their condition. Inspiring a sense of wonder and making a child smile and laugh, even if only for a moment, is what it's all about.

He has also been active with a different program at other area hospitals in which he helps physical therapy patients to recover. The program is called 'The Healing of Magic,' in which volunteer magicians work with physical therapists and their patients to aid in the process of rehabilitation. Therapists and patients not only get to see magic, but they are also taught the secrets of the tricks. With practice, they are able to do the effects themselves. Some patients may be experiencing pain, discouraging them from participating in the prescribed therapeutic exercises needed to aid in their recovery process. By teaching them magic, the patients have more motivation to do the 'work,' because the therapy becomes fun and exciting. The experience is priceless.

Here is what a client has to say...

"Keith's performance is both fascinating and entertaining! He allows the participants to really be a part of his riveting magic! We were extremely fortunate in finding Keith! I definitely recommend him for any occasion! His unbelievable magic kept us on our toes, as we were all inspired by Keith’s wonderful world of magic!"
   ~ Amy Schmieder, Public Relations Director - American Stroke Foundation

Keith has voluntarily performed for, or is currently performing for the following partial list of non-for profit organizations:

American Red Cross
American Stroke Foundation
Arthritis Foundation
Autism Foundation
Camp for Kids
Downey Side Adoption
        Elks Club
Humane Society
International Brotherhood of Magicians
Kansas Child Service League
Kansas City Cancer Center
Leukemia Foundation
Lyons International
March of Dimes
        Rotary International
Salvation Army
Sisters of the Adorers
Society of American Magicians
Welcome House
United Way
Wayside Waifs            

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