Keith Leff

'Midwest’s Best'
Magical Entertainer & Speaker


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Keith Leff Metal Bending Are you an adult 18 years of age or older who is interested in becoming a magician and learning how to perform magic? Are you ready to learn from one of the best and most sought after teachers in magic today? When you book Keith for a Magicreations Mentoring session, you not only get THE premier magic teacher, you will receive a magical experience you will always remember!

Here is what a client has to say…

"Thank you for your extremely informative lessons! Your knowledge and mastery of the art of magic is very impressive! You are a wonderful instructor, and I appreciate your professionalism and patience in working with me. I have learned a great deal, much more than I bargained for! You have exceeded my expectations, and then some! I appreciate your emphasis on more than just learning a trick, but the overall presentation in making magic fun and entertaining. Your Magicreations Mentoring sessions are truly Magically Memorable! Thanks again!"
   ~ Patrick Boucard, Magicreations Mentoring Client

You will learn 'the ropes' from one of the most insightful minds in magic today. If you are interested in close-up magic, stand-up magic, or stage magic, Keith will show you the way. Not only will you learn the traditional 'classics of magic,' you will actually embark on a journey into the discovery of the unknown.

Whether you prefer group lessons, or one-on-one individualized attention, Keith will guide you through the Magicreations Mentoring program. He will teach you the 'tricks of the trade!' He will also educate you in the areas of performance, presentation, showmanship, staging, timing, and all other aspects involved in performing magic, whether as a hobby, professionally or any area in between.            

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