Keith Leff

'Midwest’s Best'
Magical Entertainer & Speaker


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Keith Leff Appearing Coin Are you interested in learning strong commercial magic taught by a seasoned professional who makes his living performing for audiences in the real world? Are you ready to learn from one of the best and most sought after workers in magic today? When you book Keith to lecture for your magic organization, you not only get THE premier lecturer, you will receive a magical experience you will always remember!

Learn the latest and greatest magic from Magicreation's creative mind, multiple award-winner, Keith Leff, a driving force in the art and science of magic today.

Prior to turning pro, Keith worked in a Fortune 500 company as a respected sales and marketing expert. He draws upon this background to further his success as a full-time professional entertainer.

Keith will share his practical and professional experience gained from working in virtually every venue possible, particularly restaurant magic, his specialty. Keith's knowledge of the corporate scene, and his personal philosophy on marketing yourself and your magic in the real world is unsurpassed.

Keith will also educate you in the areas of performance, presentation, showmanship, staging, timing, and all other aspects involved in performing magic, whether as a hobby, professionally or any area in between. When the student is ready, this teacher will appear!

Here is what some of the most recognizable names in magic have to say...

"Good material, nicely presented. You're covering a worthwhile subject which many will certainly benefit from."
  ~ Jay Scott Berry, World Class Magician

"I really like your magic -- very entertaining, well-performed, and very well thought-out."
  ~ Dr. Jerry Burgess, International President of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians

"I had the privilege of recently seeing Keith Leff’s amazing lecture and I must say I was very impressed! It is obvious Keith has worked hard to study his craft and understands how important it is to make the magic memorable. His sense of humor and comedic timing rivals some of the best in the business. Keith is not only one of the best magicians I have ever met, he is one of the most knowledgeable. But then again, he should be, seeing that he rubs elbows with some of the biggest names in magic today! Keith is eager to share his intellect with those who have a desire, and those who have earned the right to know. Regardless of your years of experience or professional bio, I have no doubt that anyone attending Keith’s lecture will learn valuable information and practical material they will use. We magician’s have a saying, ‘If you are able to learn just one thing from a lecture then you got your monies worth.’ Well, Keith Leff has just raised the bar!"
  ~ Kevin Wade, Professional Magician            

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