Keith Leff

'Midwest’s Best'
Magical Entertainer & Speaker


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Keith Leff Biography Keith Leff, born in April of 1969, is a native of the Kansas City area and was fortunate enough to have a magician living next door to him. Believe it or not, he also had a magician who lived next door to his grandmother's house as well. Keith's magical journey continued at age seven when he received a "Hat full of Magic" kit for Christmas. After he opened the magical gift, the rest of the unwrapped presents remained untouched for quite a while. As Keith says, "Sometimes we pick our careers, sometimes our careers pick us."

He did his first paid performance for his junior high school science teacher, a birthday party for his teacher's son. You could say he has come a long way. In June of 2000, Keith was honored by winning the Close-Up Magician of the Year contest for the first time, a competition and banquet held annually by an organization of which he is also an elite member, the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Keith is a member of the Kansas City chapter, Ring 129, and was inducted in an Honorary Society within the local Ring, the Sorcerer's Circle, for his outstanding contributions to magic and the community in which he lives. He also currently serves on the Board of Directors for Ring 129 and is a Past President of the Society of American Magicians, Local Assembly 38 in Kansas City.

He earned his way through college with his magic, performing behind the bar while bartending, and performing at numerous private parties. Keith earned a double major, a B.S. in Mass Communications and Public Relations, with a minor in Human Ecology from Kansas State University. He then went on to work in the Marketing Department at Sprint for five years before starting his own business, Magicreations, where he performs as one of the most successful magical entertainers in the field.

Keith was married to the woman of his dreams, Diane, in August of 2015. They both knew early on in their courtship that they were meant to be together, and were married two years to the day they met. They say behind every successful man is a successful woman. Diane graduated from the University of Kansas, and maintains a successful career in Real Estate for a large transportation company. She also is Keith’s beautiful assistant, and supports him tremendously behind the scenes of Magicreations. Keith is also extremely proud of his step-son Austin, who recently graduated, with a degree in Kinesiology, from Hendrix College. He is on the fast track of a very successful career as a strength and condition coach for athletes. Keith takes great pride in his family, as they are a tremendous source of inspiration to him.

While Keith attributes much of his phenomenal success to hard work, determination, and dedication, he recognizes his God given talent, as that, a true gift and blessing from above. Anyone who has had the privilege of seeing Keith and his mystifying personality create spectacular magic will tell you, it is like nothing they have ever seen or experienced. And for people who have yet to have the honor of crossing paths with this charming guy, well, you are in for a very special and rare treat you will not soon forget. After all, he makes events Magically Memorable!            

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